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Fri Oct 31, 5: Please login or register. If you want to keep the slot A cpu, then there’s really no better board to have it on than an irongate. That system would cold boot into Win98 in under 30 seconds. Never been a problem. Also, definately go with the amd irongate chipset as the kx sucked really bad.

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Apr 28, Posts: A great rig and a big stup up from my P – I never had any trouble with it in the slightest. Wow, thread took off.

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As probably a program locks the soundcard when using it. I’ve a load of Tyan Trinity K7 boards still running fine. Never had any bad caps aaudio it either; the KA7 was much maligned for something that could’ve happened to any manufacturer. However, I am running linux on it, and never use the video card that’s in it, since I ssh into it. Fri Oct 31, All other boards were aaudio or tend to fail. We probably sold a couple of thousand of them where I worked at the time.


What was the best Slot A motherboard?

Sat Nov 01, 1: I’m torn between keeping this uncommon processor or selling it. While the Irongate Adio were the best for stability, the KX boards overclocked very well. Thu Nov 06, I don’t think Win98 can do what you want Jul 2, Posts: I had a KA7 and Athlon for 2 years.

Those 1 ghz slot A Athlons are worth quite a bit of cash to the right person. May 11, Posts: Mon Nov 03, 3: Dxdiag tests are OK. Fri Oct 31, 8: Other than that, it was rock solid stable.

What can I do? I sold it and the PC out of it when ,s6191 upgraded to a Tbird 1. Dietz Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: Mar 10, Posts: I only just upgraded my based boards this month.

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ausio Some1 Seniorius Lurkius Registered: In ms6911 I just upgraded it last week so I’m not sure what you mean? I was afraid of that Before anyone gets uppity with the Eastern European car manufacturer analogy, remember that the original Slot-A Athlons absolutely whupped Pentium ass when they arrived. I think they took out 4x AGP, which was why I thought that 2x was the max for the chipset earlier, didn’t matter as anythign above 1x wasn’t stable. Sun Nov 30, 9: Sun Nov 02, 5: Another program is using your soundcard.


I’ve read that it is definitely not a hardware problem, because es IS a full duplex chipset, and it works in another OS’es.