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Touch the OK or key. You do not need to enter a user code for this. The punch outs fall into a container which is easily removable for emptying. Do this by using the Interrupt feature. Input the password using the number keys, then press the OK key. Browse By Brand Model Numbers.

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Paper capacity 1, sheets 20 lb. Then, touch teh keypad. If you want to cancel the operation, press [Cancel]. Rotate Sort is not available with this image size. Lanker have no items in your shopping cart. Cleaning the Machine Wipe the copier with a soft, damp cloth and then dry it.

One copy of each original exits into the Finisher Shift Tray. If you are feeding single sheets into the Document Feeder, switch the copy mode to SADF and you will not have to press the Start key for each original.

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If there is a character at the cursor position, the entered character is shown before the lanire. Place the new Toner Bottle in position, turn it clockwise, then return the green lever back to its closed position. Page of Go. Combine Copying 1 Sided 8 Pages to Combine 2 Side Copies eight 1-sided originals to the two-page spread on both sides of a sheet.


Press the Delete key to delete it. Touch the Edit Image key.

Duplex Copying Duplex Copying There are two ways to make duplex copies with this copier: When you wish to finish specifying page numbers, touch the OK key. Page Numbering Page numbering allows you to have page numbers printed on your copies.

Hold the green lever and reinstall the cartridge until it clicks. Stamp Select the stamp position, then touch the OK key. Please see our Warranty page for more complete details. Home Printers Lanisr Review. Stamp Superimpose You can select whether page numbers are printed negative when they overlap black parts of the image.

Page Features and Benefits With the Document Server You can save the originals individually by making the best settings for each original, and edit them as a lanisr. Dimensions W x Dx H: To get the addresses, contact your network administrator. Set your originals, then press the Start key. Make sure the Auto Paper Select is selected. Touch the Stack key. To cancel the settings, touch the Cancel key.


Close the Front Cover of the Finisher. Touch the 565 Width key.

Lanier 5635 Operator’s Manual

Press the [Chapter] key. Please note that some of these accessories are optional. Page Enter the program name using the 56355 keys. Finisher Reinstall the Staple Cartridge. Press the Copy New Job key while the current copy job is running.

You can also list teh stored documents in the order you prefer.