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Your search query will be forwarded to Google. JAMon keeps the label and units as a key in a Map and every time start or add are called with the same key JAMon updates statistics for: Each row contains the following columns. These are specified in the -Djdbc. Is there any way to enable logging of these as well?

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In general JAMon binaries can be used free of charge in any software commercial software tooand JAMon source code may be modified. I don’t notice any difference though.

java – monitor JDBC calls – Stack Overflow

This value should be high to maximize the benefit of the PreparedStatement. SQL peoxy are viewable via sql. In addition, the connection URL, username and password could be hardcoded or read from obscure config files.

JAMon is fast and doesn’t consume much memory and so it is suitable for production environments. SQL – The query that executed.

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Monitoring SQL and JDBC calls

JAMon provides the ‘add’ method to handle these situations. Another option is to start a thread in the constructor of the SneakerDriver that periodically writes the stats to a logfile. There are modules that automatically monitor: To get more information about this capability see JAMonListener example.


There might be several instances of Class. StatementReuse – Indicates how many times the PreparedStatement was reused. Have you tried Nagios http: The data in the screens below was generated this way, and the screen snapshots were taken from the JAMon web application too.

Distributed Application Monitoring – View all the data from your organizations jampn from a central monitoring web application the JAMon web application. I have also tried using JDbMonitor http: Now you can look at an Exception buffer of the most n recent exceptions any monitored interface have thrown including jdbc interfaces such as Connection.

Note this is an overall number and it is not tracked for individual queries. The newest version says its only for Java 1.

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We are always happy to receive comments from our readers. Site below has lists of tools monitoring JBoss: In this newsletter, we look at a technique of how we can replace an existing database driver with our own one.

JAMon keeps the label and units as a key in a Map and every time start or add are called with the same key JAMon updates statistics for: All that you need to do is use their JDBC driver, point it to your driver, and you’re done.


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In the Oracle example below, there is no delimiter between ‘jamonreaddriver’ and the previous part of the oracle driver, which looks odd, but it is appropriate. Postgres has tools for that too you know. Everything still works fine, so I guess that jvbc is at least not wrongly configured, but I don’t get a log or anything anywhere.

One row will show up in the JAMonAdmin report for each match.

After waiting there for about 30 minutes, we were told that we had to go to the 3rd floor, where we were very reluctantly helped. Alternatively if you would like to monitor only your Web app and not the whole server you jebc use the JAMonFilter servlet filter or easily create your own.

PreparedStatements will have ‘? Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. User interface is very nice.