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Any news about that? The problem is that the field order setting will not work as that is a temporal setting rather than a spatial one. July 19th, 3. For other versions of Linux, you can install the Hauppauge drivers directly. It seems that the color settings have to be adjusted every time recording starts.

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Hauppauge HD PVR 2 and Linux / MythTV | Wrapped in plastic

Here are some instructions from the nVidia blog. After much more research and digging, I found a post that I believe explains the problem. Originally Posted by shawnvdm. Please log lniux using one of these methods to post your comment: Thanks for your help xzero1.

However, we can still get pip and lesser resolutions from the component output of the PS3. My gut feeling after many hours of testing it that this is likely a problem with the device itself.

Support: Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux

I wanted a Linux compatible HDMI capture device and whilst there appear to be a number of potential devices the details are often a bit linyx. If the audio output is too low, you can boost the audio signal by adding the following module option for the hdpvr module:.


I really could use some pointers as to how to do this. What you want is a stable running driver, and you get that only if your driver is in the main kernel tree. And from Devin Heitmueller “By the way, you can run “v4l2-ctl –list-standards” to see the list of all standards supported by the device. July 21st, 5. Audio To record an audio track, for commentary, you also need a microphone on your Ubuntu PC.

Screen brightness and ambient light falling on the screen also make a big difference. Just haven’t had time to touch the Hauppauge. Compilation errors do occur some times:. Haippauge, firmware loading is unimplemented in the driver. As of September 1, IR Blasting and receiving is tentatively working.

The HD-PVR is a highly popular capture device because it captures video via component output, permitting the user to capture high-definition video from most sources and without concern for encryption. These issues are mostly fixable but require manual modification of the source code. As a result, if you have a “rev c1” or newer unit you must install the HD-PVR at least once on a Windows machine hapupauge load the firmware into it.


,inux this doesn’t work for you or if you want to be able to easily change it on the fly, try this script. It’s a perl script that has TONS of options switches. I can confirm this is specifically an issue caused by the Hauppauge software rather than some limitation or problem with the HW. Linux support for Colossus 2 is through a user mode application.

For other errors, realize that keeping the latest media tree code compiling on older kernels is a losing battle. Hauppage here for Linux kernel 3. To use this option, create a script:.

Supposedly this problem has huppauge addressed in kernel version 3. Originally Posted by TheFu. Corruption of the encoded video stream. The driver will default to using particular video and sound inputs. I think the best compromise with the existing app is to set your output to p as this seems to minimize most of the visual problems. Substitute the correct video in the example above.