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Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Dark Mantis on June 06, , The DVI connection worked. I reused all the parts from my previous system except the old motherboard because it had boot problems. PCIe video not working Ahh sorry to hear, but sounds like you at least found the problem! It was already up to date when purchased.

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Hi again, sorry to see that the new power supply hasn’t solved the problem. What port are you trying to use on the GPU? If you are not sure how to do that check here: Thanks for the continued help. Today I got my new motherboard and swapped everything over. Thanks for the reply. The neighbors have laptops and run of the mill Dell’s. I got the new w PSU today and installed it in the new system.

Graphics card not working with GA-M68M-S2P Rev 2.3

Restarted the computer and the VGA connection gigabyt again never came on. Yes the extra 12v cable is attached to the motherboard. If you do have to get a new PSU make sure you get a decent make with a single rail and I would suggest around Watt for a little bit of future proofing. I ordered a Rosewill RGS12 w ps and it will be here in about a week.


Hi there, I understand where you’re coming from but I just bought it last week so I emailed the place of purchase for an RMA number. The PCIe slot still does not work.

I’ll update the thread if it turns out to be something other then a dead PCIe slot. Gigabyte actually recommend a PSU minimum of Watts for your motherboard! Don’t know Yes No.

It’s a shame you have to buy a new PSU.

I will be calling them when they open in a couple hours. If it is not the FC version it might be worthwhile updating to it, just to see if that helps. A suggestion ta-m68m-s2p another forum was to try a new power supply to see if it helps even though I am drawing less power then my PSU can supply.

GigaByte Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P – Best Compatible Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P Mobo

PCIe video not working I managed to get the old motherboard to power on and confirmed the my PCIe video card does work.


Home Help Login Register. I have tried all the options in gitabyte. It has to ship from NJ to CA and they have a long turn around time. Obviously that isn’t the problem then. The DVI connection worked. Both the 20 pin and gga-m68m-s2p 4 pin power connectors are firmly seated in the motherboard. This is the “ECO” model that uses less power and therefore does not require the additional power cable there isn’t even a connector for it.

So it looks like I’ll be down for a while.

By the time they reply to the information I gave them it is already out dated because I have tried other things. PCIe video not working. Dark Mantis on June 03, Right found my other g-m68m-s2p.

I do not have an extra card laying around that can be used for testing.