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Force Feedback Device Anyone have any luck with this? For example, if you’re shooting a machine gun in an action game, the stick would vibrate in your hands. We still have that controller might try it out now. Showing out of 76 reviews. Sure enough, this app proved that the button was non functional.

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Great work i tried it and works for me.

Anonymous Tuesday, 18 July at Noxxys View Profile View Posts. Hi I know you probably won’t see this but i need help I just set up the driver for my controller and I tested the vibration and works great on the test but I tried many games fkrce it doesn’t vibrate on any of them can you help pls. You need to select “Test” options to test gamepad and to calibrate it you need to select forcs setting tab ‘.

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Maybe there was some geheric drivers you overwrote? Please see our full rules on piracy here. I’m guessing it’s just Xce and maybe Windows 8. It is easier to test on Windows 10, but Windows built in controller app does not include a way to test handle rumbles or trigger vibration motors.


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Beautiful thing – and the adjustable feedback is fun. Was able to get it to test my RockCandy controller for Xbox One.

I will post soon the consequences. Additional terms Xbox Live code of conduct Terms of transaction. I have also tried this on other PCs having win 10 ent x86 and win 7 ulti x And what’s your OS and version? It’s the same with racing wheels.

Unknown June 4, at 8: Binod Panda May 23, at Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action. I was playing GTA V yesterday and raising my landing gear when the joystick lurched in my gamepaad. The joystick would never again simulate molasses; my joystick would never would never throb in anyone’s hands again. The sidebar is a summary. It’s amazing to see this project is continued, thank you very much!

Sign in to report this app to Microsoft. But for now, just to give you a head start, if you want vibration effects, you need to use the periodic effect descriptor fotce mentioned in the pid. I will try my best to help you out in any way I can. Submit a new text post. I will have to consult with the the person I worked with on releasing any part of the firmware since it was his work.


This is the reason why you only have only one constant 7 byte report coming from the host for a vibration effect. Really glad to see that you’re still sticking around!

Old Force Feedback joysticks LIVE AGAIN!!! : pcgaming

Sakti Ardian February 9, at 9: The other end of the belt for each axis engages a motor’s axle. Discordand will be removed. I read all comments here and reply asap possible.

You can test vibration include impulse trigger for only Xbox one controllerthumbsticks and triggers, Buttons in this app. Helps having generoc to check your dead zone adjustments and vibration percentage