ESI [email protected] ASIO DRIVER

ESI [email protected] ASIO DRIVER

admin July 24, 2020

Also make sure exclusive mode is ticked for foobar. Juli ‘s supplied driver version 1. We should probably send emails to the ESI product support department and let them know about the issue – perhaps they can fix something on their end. Originally posted by js: Your problem is exactly the same one which I have. Originally Posted by flyshe Hey people! What should I set it at?

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The same problem occurs with 1. I’m also experiencing some strange behavior with foobar 0.

ESI – Product Archive: [email protected] XTe

This was all pre-wasapi. If it is not changing from Anything else you need?

Also the advance tab will let you test all the rates at 24bit too. He measured it with stillwell bitter.

ESI [email protected] help (Win 7) | Naim Audio Forums

This combination makes my foobar crash like twice a day. Originally Posted by witti. We should probably send emails to the ESI product support department and let them know about the issue – perhaps they edi fix something on their end. I use a esi juli soundcard on win xp This looks like a bug in ASIO driver code: Perhaps this will change things?


What should I set it at?

Find More Posts by Serenitynow. What’s your view vs Amarra? Also, this was prior to wasapi or asio.

It es there are a lot of cards with poorly written ASIO drivers, as we’re not the only ones experencing problems. As the hardware does. BTW, auto sample rate switching is a must!!!! However, in my case, everything functions properly with ASIO enabled so long as I just leave foobar “alone”, i.

ESI [email protected] help (Win 7) | Naim Audio Forums

I’m using a Line6 Toneport GX, too. Confirmed by sending ‘s to an old preamp with a 20bit DAC. How is this possible?? Although with auto sample rate switching it is a no-brainer.

Good new Does your ESI control panel now switch between frequencies? I use Juli with its latest xsio driver and control panel’ at version 0. It’s not happening more often than that but it’s still bothering me.

Originally Posted by witti What is gearslutz? Nobody knows about this problem?


As for updated drivers, there are a few floating around, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and experiment with different driver versions as of late. Lastly, asko DAC in this card is pretty good.

Going less than results in really bad clipping and popping, not sure why though This also happens with me! I think the hires is superior to the M-Audio.