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Then you have to go to the command prompt, either with a shell in Windows or from boot disk, or which ever way you prefer. If you don’t trust me you can modify them, but you won’t see any better difference. This reduces the amount of space wasted by each of the files on the disk. It is not recommended this line be used unless you are using Windows 3. It’s all valid for Windows 9x as well. The shell option load an alternative command processor 4dos in this case. BAT file should then look like this:

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I have a similar emm36 as yours, just without smartdrive and univbe and memory isn’t an issue But if you dig through old game readmes, like from Wing Commander III for example, they will tell you to avoid it. Proud member of The Abandoned since Some things I’ve tried so far are: If you quit windows again you will get a nice picture telling you that you can turn off your computer.

Window’s Setup enables this option and therefore the command processor load windows every time the machine starts. But it drvicehigh far from being cool. These changes have to be cancelled later, of course. At least back in the day with x drives.


SYS is a hidden read-only system file, why it is necessary to execute the command: If you type mode co80 and press enter you will get the classic command prompt.

But you can just insert them. FAT32 uses smaller clusters typically 4.

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

The mem programm fits our needs. You can reduce both values to get more free memory.

Anonymous Gaming Zone 17 Just disable the write cache on all drives. Sets the compression to minimum fastest. I suggest that you order your file in the way that set, prompt, path etc.

Autoexec.bat and config.sys information

Also tried out a few of the console utilities they were using- figured it can’t hurt and I have memory to burn now So the final result is: I haven’t looked into aftermarket memory managers like MAX or QEMM because I heard many games are not compatible – can somebody provide comment on this?

Modern RAM chips do not break down, so there is no need to check every single bit when booting each time. BAT You add commands to the Autoexec. Then the drivers and setup programs are loaded. Or if you want to install network drives. I have noticed that many users have little or hardly any knowledge of smm386 basic configuration topics. You will notice, that you have the classic command. Network If you want to use Network enable this.


Guide to &

Tests with CD-Bench 1. Because of FAT32 the harddisk has to be partitioned and formatted again, and Windows 95 and all your applications has to be reinstalled. It is all the old way! SYS and every computer has this file on its hard disk in the root directory. Didn’t bother replacing mscdex – would prefer compatibility. ddvicehigh

DOS runs in this part. While it won’t be able to correct those speed problems, it is a great alternative to DOSBox if your machine is not fast enough to make it run decently.

I couldn’t get 6. Often programs insert lines into you autoexec.