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Failed snapshots are easy to detect, but it is important to recognize when you have a snapshot that VMware reports to be successful, but it actually is not successful. Select VM Size Step 7a. The name is the virtual machine display name. Select Restore Point Step 3. Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! Restart the VMware Tools Service. Specify Restore Options Step 8.

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Aug 30, Total Views: There are several ways to determine whether a snapshot is created correctly. You see output similar to: When configuring advanced option for individual VMs, select Try application processing, but ignore failures.

However, if you must restore dsable full VM, you must either revert or delete the shadow copy. Request a Product Feature.

Specify Network Mapping Step In other words, if you migrate an older virtual machine to a newer machine, you may not have this setting. To enable both options: Select Virtual Infrastructure Scope Step 2. Select Configuration Backup Step 4. Specify Restore Reason Step 6. Select Target Host Step 6. Specify Failover Reason Step 4. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office Documentation. To eliminate the problem, simply remove the floppy drive from the VM configuration: Select VMs to Relocate Step 3.


Specify Time Interval Step 3. This option can be used with supported Linux clients that are configured to back up VMware virtual machines.

Backups with Quiescing of the Operating System and Applications

Specify Access Options Step 5. Select Destination Network Step 7.

You can resolve the issue by ensuring that VMware Tools are installed and running on the guest VM, and then running a new backup. We can send you a link when the PDF is ready for download. If you cannot use application-aware processing for example, you cannot access the VM over the network and deploy Veeam’s runtime process on it, or you want to process a Linux VM and want the backup or disabble to be consistent at the application and file system levelyou should enable VMware Tools quiescence.

Why do we Need Quiescing? Review Restore Settings Step 9. Create Isolated Networks Step 8.

Disabling VMTools VSS to resolve VDR Errors – vNoob

VMware does not provide these VSS writers. Specify Failover Reason Step 5. The alternative is quiescing. In general, if application protection was used during a backup, use only application protection restore. Web Pages are being exported as a PDF.


Inside the archive, there is a backup. Select Deployment Model Step 4.

The third snapshot attempt is taken without VSS quiescing. Review Configuration Backup Parameters Step 5. Specify Restore Options Step 8.