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More information on this advanced topic is available on the “Standalone LocoNet” page. Our ears are very sensitive to sound interruptions so, the capacitor on your sound decoder will prevent most of these drop outs on average quality track. Follow Us On Twitter! The “LocoNet termination” mode of the PR3 allows the unit to connect to other modules without needing a command station, when there is no requirement for DCC track packets. How do I Reset Everything in my Locomotive? This is a feature that helps prevent having the same address selected on multiple throttles and creating unexpected operations.

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This device works with the LokProgrammer software on Windows computers and is optimized for programming LokSound decoders. What is the problem? In this case, dgitrax PR3 connection will not be able to program decoders. Recovery from the issue may require re-starting JMRI or even require a true power-cycle for the computer, and this can resolve the problem until it happens again at some unpredictable future time.

When set up correctly for stand alone operation it is self terminating and right there on page 4 of the manual it says to never do this while it is attached to a command station. Please do not remove the shrink wrap protective sleeves from the Digitrax decoders.

SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

So please let me know how it sounds at your end. KB Single Programming Track – Multiple Programming Sources How can I connect my PR3 programming output to an existing programming track on my layout that is already set up for programming and mainline operations?


The sound project loaded into this decoder can be operated independently of any other DCC motor or function decoder.

To get the device to work correctly you have to make sure you have it set up and functioning properly. The PR3 can also be used to connect JMRI to a “standalone LocoNet”which may be useful when LocoNet is used for some aspects of layout control while digitrwx other control system is use for other aspects. Open the Preferences window from the Edit menu and configure the connection by: Do NOT send a locomotive with your decoder.

Do this at your own risk! Configurations can be set by software or manually. After updating the DTs to R2 it is recommended that you reset the throttle to factory default. Sprog 3 is a very interesting device as it is a self contained DCC system and interface.

The first situation is where one of the many advanced features offered by the LocoNet and the various LocoNet compatible devices is desired to be used on a layout First, The manual talks about whether the LEDs are winking or blinking. Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires.

It had no problems writing in ops mode.

I hope this helps. It is available for download from: Overall the PR3 is a reliable programmer when used with Digitrax decoders and most non-sound decoders from other manufacturers. So make sure all the lights are blinking and winking the way they are supposed to be and if necessary turn termination on or off as needed.


Of course this may change in the future if a new firmware version is released that is optimzed for these decoders. Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all. Two SPB 53mm x 18mm x 14mm 8 Ohms 0.

Techsupport is not configured to diagnose issues related to operating system, hardware, configuration or other possible problem areas that may cause problems with running these utilities.

Hardware Support: Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

Assemble the PR3 hardware as shown in the diagram below and connect to an appropriate power supply Digitrax PS14 or equivalent. If the connected function loads are insufficient for CV readback or an incompatible DCC decoder is also connected, it is still possible to download a complete sound project by Basically it comes down to whether the LED is on more than it is off when it is blinking as opposed to winking. This is a feature that helps prevent having the same address selected on multiple throttles and creating unexpected operations.

I gave up on the write followed by a read after 5 failures. The SFX must only be mounted from the correct side and orientation, for each of the DH host decoders. Connect the Red and Black track wires from the 7 connector Track and Function leads to the locomotive track power connections.