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To all those who cannot scan, your machine will not scan by using the scan function on the printer itself. The copier is able to produce copies at about x dpi. The print server does not have a wired Ethernet port, so if you do not have a wireless network you will not be able to network this printer. Then all of the sudden my printer would not work from my computer. I have a 1.

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Once the proof sheet is scanned the printer will proceed to print out everything you chose.

How do I use the photo cartridge? On top of the is the scanner, a small screen prinh a few controls. I recently installed a new color cartridge. Found one that someone was throwing out; even came with a USB cable! Sorry, my earlier post was meant for Cassady and Kay.

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Cleaned it up and now I have a free scanner; I needed one anyway, so this sure beats paying for it. For a photo printer the only real question is how do the pictures look? My black ink din show till I printed a test page no color ink, though.

Scanning a full size document at DPI took about 8 seconds, and a color document took 10 seconds. Mine did…I took a flashlight and tweezers and looked at every nook and cranny that I possibly could and low and behold; it was an allergy pill still in the little bubble pack.


For a copier it is terrible, how many of you want to stand there for an hour while you scan a large document by hand?

Inkjets have never been able to produce crisp text like a laser printer and they have even had more trouble with text that gets smaller than 6 pts. Pritn you are connected directly to the printer with USB you can also use the Memory card manager to access your pictures. It supports resolutions up to 19, interpolated and outputs at 48 bits.

I need the drives for a printer i have but i dont know where to access it or them. What happens when you open the attachment before it is sent? Because this is a photo printer it supports 6 color printing.

How do I get the ink cartridge to center so I can replace the cartridge? There are also High capacity cartridges that almost double the amount of pages that you can print.

I first printed a picture with my old Epson Stylus Colorthis would give me a way to compare the pictures. Under each thumbnail are a series of bubbles that you can fill depl to set the number of copies of each picture, and there is also a bubble for removing red eye. What happens when you take your copies and send those in the email? Lasdr you live in a very humid climate you may want to consider having your pictures printed at the store.


Setting up the printer is really easy.

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Then after that is all taken care of install the software again and AFTER the software is installed plug inthe printer. My exact problem too! What do i need to do? If that is what is broken then it may be difficult to fix, but you may be able dekl jerry-rig it.


You need a program, such as Photoshop or something similar. You may want to check out these two forums: Id like to try to be able to fix this darn thing rather than give it away on the freecycle website or storing it in my shed.

If you purchased the Wireless print server you will need to install that first, and it is separate from the install program.

Proberly because of this chip thing you described.

For that price I would be willing to put up with a few quirks and I think that you will also.