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Plug in AC adapter 2. Page 17 Software Setup Adjust the language to English, and then select font. Give Dan some money! Exit Click Exit to close the software. So it’ll still do a complete turn, plus a bit, if you ask to go from disc three to disc four. If all you want is a ton of data in one place, vast numbers of CDs don’t make a lot of sense.

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The Library comes partially assembled, but it’s easy to attach the lid and sliding door – if you want to fill the System up quickly, it’s easier to do so with the lid off, anyway. Double click on Preview to import x. Add the price of the Dacal library gadget and you’re up around the price of the hard drive already, without factoring in the price of the Dacl writer.

Then again, maybe that’s a feature, not a bug; it’s possible though inadvisable to daca, rotate the turntable even when it daccal been removed. Remove the turntable, and you can see the Library’s works. Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs? So it’ll still do a complete turn, plus a bit, if you ask to go from disc three to disc four.


Dacal Dc CD Library Disk Capacity | eBay

The documentation recommends you not stack Libraries more than five high, lest Something Terrible happen. Select the slot you want to input picture Step 2. You can also attach free-form Remarks to disc listings.

Don’t show me this message again. The outer ring has regularly spaced photo-interrupter tabs, but the inner ring doesn’t; the inner photodetector is therefore what’s used to pick the turntable’s orientation, and after that’s been done, the outer ring is used to count forward to the requested number. With the door open, pressing on the knob without changing the disc number you’ve selected will toggle the eject lever position.

Dacal DC-101 Instruction Manual

All it dadal is spin round and prod out the disc you’ve asked for. The keyword search for the Content and Remark fields isn’t what you’d call deep, but it ought to daval good enough. This could come in handy in some situations, I suppose.

You don’t have to fill all slots to use the Library, of course, but it looks cooler that way. The Dacal Technology DC CD Library is a motorised disc carousel gadget which can deliver any disc to your hand in a few seconds. You can’t dial up a new disc without de-ejecting the last one.

Thank you for purchasing CD Library. And, most importantly, if you don’t already have your data on Dafal, this option puts quite a lot of disc-burning in your future. If the LCD is on, the turntable will rotate and automatically position itself.


Don’t have an account? You’re expected to use the USB cable, and the database software. Can not turn on power Please check sacal socket if the power adaptor and DC connector are plugged properly.

Review: Dacal Technology DC CD Library

Multi Selection Multi selection If you want to daxal up many CDs at one time, you can use this function. Change the backup files directory.

This action shows the power is connected properly. Select the slot from database by click. And, of course, you can manually scroll through listings sorted by different fields, or dc-11 the database to find the one you’re after. You can find them in C: If the door’s closed, a microswitch tells the ejector not to do anything. Plug the USB cable into the socket. If the dacao dust-guard door is open, the selected disc is then pushed out a bit by an ejector lever.