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USB hard drives, like the Crucial Gizmo, simply hold more data, are smaller and more robust, and offer better compatibility. You are doing a good thing. Both profiles are highly modified versions of the profiles that are included with the device. I will have to go through now and lowercase everything. I also tried to change the AGP to 2x. Also check out this page, keeping in mind that it, too was written about two computer generations ago: Holst, I tried removing one stick of memory bringing my memory down to MB.

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I’m a moron, yes.

Even after I removed all the PCI cards my video card was still giving the same problems. Thanks, gismo keep posting! I’ll let development know about this.

Well I tried a few things and more info It was easy and fast! Best space sim ever.

The time now is Get ready to play as fast as you think with the Strategic Commander, gizmp shortcut to victory. PowerChurch Software Technical Support http: Last edited by mardude; 6th February, at Wed Oct 08, 1: However, moved one of my web sites this morning from my old hard drive to my Mac and all the directories, such as “cgi-bin” and “www” and so on got uppercased.


Crucial Gizmo Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows 98SE, 98 () –

The conflicts seem to be with devices: How would I determine this? Tue Feb 10, 2: When I get around to it, I have enough spare parts to build a Pentium I system so I shouldn’t have to bother again. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. In my bios the video card is set on IRQ 11, and there is nothing esle there.

Crucial Gizmo Free Driver Download (Official)

I thought they might conflict with windows assigned settings somehow but i cant remember if that ever worked. Could this be a clue? PowerChurch adds these new drive letters to the list of available drives to backup to or restore from.

Thu Jun 03, 8: Have you gone to device manager and checked the device IRQ placements and see if there are any other settings available for this device? Email sound blaster support, they will help u with this. Sat Oct 11, 1: Sure there are solid state flash media standards that can store the same amount of data, but not every PC has a SmartMedia, Memory Stick, or Compact Flash port, and as these media were originally intended for digital cameras and like devices, they aren’t always the most robust.


I have just got one of these: Nowadays, we have solid state, high speed, and nearly indestructible memory that fits neatly into the smallest of pockets, and requires nothing more than a free USB port.

Last edited by BobyJo; 14th February, at I might ccrucial what video card are you using?? Hi there, I’m new here and I’m hoping someone here has encountered or can help me with my problem.

Also check out this page, keeping in mind that it, too was written about two computer generations ago: But you crucoal not me, and I would not try to pursuade you to get anything except what you really want.

I have been having “invisible” conflicts never received cruccial messages but the were there, and were the source of problems I previously thought were driver related similar to yours, and thankfully members from these forums have been a huge help, so hopefully I can help you out too.

Hardware Windows Security Software Peripherals. Ive found that the