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For years there were development to provide more bandwidth to the subscriber through clever modulation techniques. In addition, the package includes a specially adapted Ascom Eurit ISDN cordless telephone, that is compatible with the system and communications software, and a charging bay. A level one trunk line group of regular phone lines , a T1, has 24 channels. On the competition side, I also agree with you The pricing ratio between DSL and Diginet seems way off. In Europe they use out-of-band signaling. There is no reason for the prices here to be different from anywhere else because the equipment needed to provide this service cost the same as anywhere else.

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But I don’t agree with all the facts that you have given.

Well I know some one who work at Saix. Ascom said the first products for private households would be presented by RWE Powerline at the forthcoming CeBit exhibition in the German city of Hanover. The core difference has to do with control signals. This is mostly dependant on the quality of the line between you and your local exchange, and the link between your telephone exchange and the exchange of your ISP. I don’t think so.


For the installation it would seem at first sight that lots of time would be the major thing needed. They need IPs and guaranteed throughput, which is where the costs lie. You can e-commerce enable your business, access your office from anywhere in the world – and also have your network hacked without proper firewall protection. It is an insult to many of us to hear that the fact that we live at the bottom of Africa has something to do with the prices we pay. Telkom most definately underestimated the market – but remember – the SNO is around the corner and Telkom needs to hang on to their “loyal” customers by bringing new services to market ASAP.


But this indicates an ADSL application for which it was not designed. Edit e-mails in the children’s room, hold conference calls in the garden, or work in teams in the company cafeteria with file-sharing and Internet access: Any other use of the website content beyond the use stipulated above, particularly the distribution, modification, transmission, storage and copying requires prior written consent of swissinfo. It is intended for private use only.

NEXTSKY Crystal ISDN-Driver

This makes speech and data transmission possible at a distance of up to meters, also in mofem form. Put plainly, Ascom voo: The danger lies in those whom demand Point to Point services.

What Ascom has pulled out of the hat this Autumn has nothing to do with magic, but purely with technical know-how.

All other OCx lines are direct multiples of OC1 lines.


Ascom said on Tuesday that it had received a long-term order to supply modems and network management to RWE Powerline, a subsidiary of the German utility, RWE, which has been testing the system for several months. I am not sure if I agree with you here DarkHelmet.

A statement from Ascom said the first Powerline Communications products would be put on the market in Germany. As for the bridge comment – consider the current progression of businesses and their internet connections – that is what I was trying to illustrate – that ADSL could fit between the ISDN and DIGINET market – but the whole old “our international bandwidth is so expensive” argument is what I am trying to get at.


The Bern-based Ascom group says it has moved a step closer towards connecting people to the Internet through the electricity supply. Without doubt, this suits the modern work methods and their demands, from the office at home for teleworking, to project-oriented ad hoc teams.

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Joined Jul 26, Messages All it is really is part of a trunk line right? Diginet is much more suitable as a business service for businesses that transfer huge amounts of data more or less continuously. Telkom Diginet is a leased line service and it can be compared to be equivalent to a mode, that never gets terminated on ISDN.

That gives it a combined bandwidth of 1. The company that I worked for has subsequently reduced their employee numbers so much that it would be difficult to find those directly involved at that time as they should be strong contenders to guide us.

The reason why ADSL and dail-up is not that expensive is due to bandwidth overselling ratios. OCx lines are optical carrier lines, not trunk lines any more. Well, from what I understand from their web site is that what you call Diginet is asvom of a trunk line, which is the same as an E1 in your case.