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Support for announcing cloud clipboard items in Version build and later. To create a page, simply enter the model and version in the box example: For best results, use the add-on with latest Windows 10 stable release build and latest stable version of NVDA. This is applicable if the add-on itself checks for updates. When downloading content such as apps and movies, NVDA will announce product name and download progress. Alarms and clock Time picker values are now announced, noticeable when moving focus to picker controls.

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When opening, closing, or switching between virtual desktops, NVDA will announce current desktop ID desktop 2, for example.

Cant Network

NVDA can announce suggestion count when performing a search in majority of cases. Support for hardware keyboard input suggestions in Version April Update and later. Reduced unnecessary verbosity when working with modern keyboard and its features. Last edited Sat Add-fwp110 29 Store After checking for app updates, app names in list of apps to be updated are correctly labeled.

Progress bar adron and other information are no longer announced twice. NVDA will no longer play error tones or do nothing when closing emoji panel in more recent 19H1 Insider Preview builds. Other Ubuntu wiki pages on Wireless Networking: This comes at the expense of functionality and reliability. For calculations such as unit converter and currency converter, NVDA will announce results as soon as calculations are entered.


Wireless Cards

Tooltips from Edge and universal apps are recognized and will be announced. NVDA will no longer announce Start menu size text when changing screen resolutions or orientation.

When writing a message, appearance of at mention suggestions are indicated by sounds. Use the up and down arrows to read the individual items. Submenu items are properly recognized in various adddon, including context menu for Start menu tiles and microsoft Edge’s app menu Redstone 5.

Notifications from newer app releases on Windows 10 Version build and later are announced. This currently works for daily and hourly forecasts.

The following UIA events are recognized: With NVDA set to run with debug logging enabled, these events will be tracked, and for UIA notification event, a debug tone will be heard if notifications come from somewhere other than the currently active app. Wikipedia has additional information on which chipsets and drivers are free software compatible.

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Miscellaneous modules for controls such as Start Menu tiles. When downloading content such as apps and movies, NVDA will announce product name and download progress.

This also affects the control used to select when to restart to finish installing Windows updates. If the add-on is set up to check for updates, when updating the add-on, if the new add-on release requires a newer version of NVDA, an error message will be presented.


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For entries not listed below, you can assume that features are part of NVDA, no longer applicable as the add-on does not support old Windows 10 releases, or changes were made to apps that makes entries no longer applicable. By Manufacturer The Community has created articles for the following Manufacturers: This is now part of NVDA NVDA will now announce reminder confirmation after you set one.

More messages about Windows Update status are announced, especially if Windows Update encounters errors. Certain dialogs are now recognized as proper dialogs and reported as such, including Insider Preview dialog settings app. For chips that are not USB but included in the computer, type: For example, pressing the right arrow might report “Monday: The following app modules or support modules for some apps are included see each app section for details on what is included: This is applicable if the add-on itself checks for updates.