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We have a large list of 2Wire Passwords that you can try located here. Unsolicited inbound traffic is not allowed to pass through the firewall. If trouble is experienced with this equipment, please contact the store, reseller, or agent from whom the product was purchased. Enabling Advanced Security The 2Wire gateway firewall already provides a high level of security. It has many of the features of an advanced broadband router as well as some additional features. Customizing Security Settings You should always enable encryption for wireless communication.

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Enter the name of the program into the Application Name box. Enter the administrator password you created in the past. This process usually works for resetting 3800jgv-b router to it’s factory setting.

2Wire 3800HGV-B Login Instructions

Viewing System Details Gateway User Interface Viewing System Details The System Details page provides information about your gateway, any enhanced services you may have, and provides a link that you can use to restart your system. For details on configuring the firewall, refer to page We think that forwarding a port should be easy.

August 25, at The 380hgv-b displayed depends on the type of broadband service you have and 2wide gateway model.

Or you can use our free software called Router IP Address. It doesn’t really matter what you put into this box, but something that will 2wide you why these ports are being forwarded is be a good idea.


How to login to the 2wire HGV-B router web interface. The gateway allows users to open the necessary ports 38000hgv-b the firewall using the Firewall Settings page.

Attn Measured attenuation dB of the line. I am using the old one. Don’t have an account? If you have forgotten you can use our Find Password App to help you. An access list shows the computers Devices on your network and the names of the Allowed Applications for each computer.

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. Connect the Broadband Interface Now that you have completed the Power and LAN connections, it is time to connect to the broadband interface. A third-party router connected to the 2Wire gateway can result in network instability, because both devices are trying to manage private IPs via NAT.

How to Login to the 2Wire HGV-B

Our 2Wire Login Guide can help. When we need another one, I’m sure we will stick with this model. The high-performance router will distribute data seamlessly to all of the wireless devices on your network, without losing speed or performance.

Page 56 Events generate an Informational or Warning severity level. Check out our other guides. This drop down box should contain a list of all the devices that are visible on your network.


The Advanced — Configure Time Services page allows you to view and change system time and date settings. We looked a few other types but in the end we went with a brand we trusted.

We have a large list of 2Wire Passwords that you can try located here.

In order to create new connections through the firewall you need to create what is called a port forward. For this example, select the following options: To change your wireless settings, click the button. Using the end of a paperclip or other small object press and hold down the reset button for around 10 seconds. Do not reset your router until you have exhausted all other options. The 2wire HGV-B router has a very basic firewall that helps protect your network from unwanted Internet access.

Since the router is now reset to factory defaults you need to know the default username and password to access it. It usually does not matter which browser you choose to use.